If you’re going to ride like the pros, train like the pros!

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SledChatter.com is a division of Driven, LLC. Driven, LLC is a consulting service for non-profits, businesses and athletes looking to develop policies and procedures, host and manage events and develop marketing campaigns to meet goals and objectives for the future.

Aaron Roesler - Bret Rasmussen - Brian Lundstedt - Cameron Chimenti - Karl Zurmuehlen - Craig Ohlhauser - Erik Leine



Bringing rider techniques and avalanche safety education to backcountry snowmobilers.



To generate excitement for backcountry snowmobiling and avalanche safety.



Impact snowmobilers lives by providing a significant training experience to be safer in the backcountry.

Driven Team Core Values:

We have fun.

We help snowmobilers

We love what we do.

We embrace learning opportunities.

We value the snowmobile industry

We constantly strive to be better